About the Brand

As the owner, Ana grew into her love of fashion she was able to also grow a love for sustainability. Growing up, she bought mostly secondhand clothing and found a fascination in upcycling from a young age. She eventually ended up in college pursing a degree in fashion while focusing on independent studies that specialized in sustainability. After completing her first runway show made from all previously used fabrics she decided to put her ambitions into action. Not much later, Eighth of May was born. Through much experimentation it continues to grow and evolve to hopefully become a inclusive, eco-friendly clothing line. 

Our brand seeks to inspire and rejoice in individuality. The shop is not based off of sizing limitations and is also gender neutral. The identity of this company seeks to be something different entirely: ANYTHING YOU WANT. No limitations or categories. We hope you continue to express yourself and maybe even stumble across something that will make you feel absolutely amazing when you put it on.