Spring and Summer 2021 Trends

Spring and Summer 2021 Trends
Spring and Summer 2021 Trends
By: Maggy McDowell

    Need some fashion inspo for the coming seasons? Look no further, we’ve got your back! Fashion week has started and it has already given us the inspiration for the trends we will see this season. 

    Baggy jeans and pants are one big trend that is transitioning to the spring and summer season. Mom jeans came back into style and they’re here to stay. Everyone wants that comfort, especially now with everything going on. Loose fitting jeans and pants give us this while still looking fashionable. To go along with this, they come in all these fun and bold prints so spice up your outfit. 

    Other big trends we’ve seen transitioning to the new seasons are bustier tops, leather jackets, and monochrome outfits. Leather jackets are the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. Keeps you warm and cozy, but still a fashion staple. Bustier tops are so powerful to an outfit. These add sexiness, but there are many, now, that are more appropriate to wear out and about. They can also give more shape to your body to feel more confident in what you’re wearing. Monochrome outfits are an easy way to look put together without too much effort. Different shades of the same color or even the same color from head-to-toe to make your skin and hair color look even better!

    Bralette tops are back in this season! They can give you a flirty look, can be plain and minimalist, or can be as bold as you like. 

    Straps on straps. Skirts, dress, tops, and pants are all starting to have wrap-around ties or those little cutout details to give you an extra pop. 

    Two big prints we will see more of are stripes and tie dye. Vertical stripes give you a visual slimming effect, while “wild” stripes, that go in all different directions, give a bold and striking sight. Horizontal stripes are the classic look we’re used to. Tie dye has been back for a couple seasons all the way from the 70s. Today’s tie dyes still have that fun, one of a kind look, but not the psychedelic look of the 70’s.  Most tie dye pieces are all unique in their own ways. Bright colors or pale colors give that artistic and creative vibe to any

    Netting is going to be a big trend this spring and summer as well. This is more for the aesthetic look. Kendall Jenner just blew up the internet with a netting top over her bikini, so it’s hot.  They won’t keep us warm, but they do help us show off our style. They can be worn as a layering piece, as a coverup, or just as a little something extra to your fit.

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